Physics of Biological Organization
Dr. Eleni Katifori, Max-Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen

Selected publications:

download paper Couturier, E., Dumais, J., Cerda, E. and Katifori, E., “Folding of an opened spherical shell”, Soft Matter, in press (2013)

download paper Jordan D., Kuehn S., Katifori E., and Leibler S., “Behavioral diversity in microbes and low-dimensional phenotypic spaces”, PNAS, in press (2013)

download paper Katifori E. and Magnasco M. O., “Quantifying loopy network architectures”, PLoS ONE 7, e37994 (2012)

download paper Schroll R. D., Katifori E., Davidovitch B., “Elastic building blocks for confined sheets”, PRL 106, 074301 (2011)

The work was featured on the cover of PRL. See also the Physical Review Focus story.

download paper Katifori E., Szollosi G. J. and Magnasco M. O., “Damage and fluctuations induce loops in optimal transport networks”,PRL 104, 048704 (2010)

Some images of the paper appeared in the cover of PRL. The work had some press coverage, including the science section of the Economist and NPR.

download paper Katifori E., Alben S., Cerda E., Nelson D. R. and Dumais J., “Foldable Structures and the Natural Design of Pollen Grains”, PNAS 107, 7635-7639 (2010)

The work was featured on the cover of PNAS. A non-specialist presentation of the work can be found in the science section of the New York Times.

Image from the Voynich manuscript, ca. 1400 (public domain)